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Yamaha's MT-07 receives engine, braking, and styling improvements for 2021

MT-07’s premium quality is underlined by the fitment of a new LED headlight, turn signals and position lights plus LCD instruments. Tapered handlebars and a new tank and seat contribute towards a more comfortable riding position, while the latest Michelin sports tyres give confident roadholding – and turn up the fun factor.

The 2021 MT-07 will arrive during the first quarter of 2021, no price has been set yet. The LAMs approved 655cc MT-07LA is available in Storm Fluo, Icon Blue and Tech Black and is due in March. The full power MT-07 will be available from February 2021 in Tech Black.

Next generation design: Pure Hyper Naked DNA

The new model’s next generation bodywork reflects the ongoing evolution of the MT family, and gives the 2021 MT-07 a more refined and distinctive look with a quality feel.

Key to the new look is a compact and minimalist new LED headlight assembly whose position lights and headlight give the front face a Y-shape icon that symbolises the signature look of the next generation MT family.

New winglets on the sides of the newly-designed 14-litre fuel tank give the bike a more dynamic stance. The new fuel tank covers are manufactured from injection-moulded plastic resin to reduce weight, and a 3D moulded texture is featured around the rider’s knee grip area to give improved controllability for a sportier character.

Many other detail changes to the colour and finish of fork covers, footpegs, engine stays and engine covers serve to enhance the overall feeling of quality, underlining the MT-07’s winning combination of outstanding value with a premium specification.

LED projector lighting: Compact and powerful

Modern, compact and lightweight, the new bifunctional LED headlight features a centrally-located high/low projector lamp. This compact projector headlight produces a powerful beam with well-defined edges that provide excellent visibility. New left and right side dual-layer LED position lights give the MT-07 a signature Y-shape face that reaffirms its close family ties with the MT-09.

Latest EU5-compliant 690cc CP2 engine: More linear response

The latest 689cc 2-cylinder CP2 engine features a revised air intake duct design and optimised fuel injector settings, as well as a new 2-into-1 exhaust and new ECU. These changes give a more linear engine response.

The 2021 engine delivers a smoother torque/rpm curve for excellent top speed and thrilling acceleration, and with maximum torque of 67.0Nm/6.8kg-m produced at just 6500rpm – and maximum power of 73.4PS/54kW at 9000rpm – this is the ultimate middleweight powerplant.

A new electric purge cut valve and lightweight battery ensures easy starts even when the machine has been parked for longer periods, and the 2021 engine also features new Crystal Graphite engine covers, as well as a new silver-coloured exhaust pipe and new muffler and exhaust protectors.

Larger diameter 298mm dual front discs: More stopping power

MT-07’s front dual disc size is increased from 282mm on the previous model to 298mm on the new bike, giving more stopping power and greater controllability with no gain in weight. Together with the 245mm rear disc, the new system offers increased performance – and with the fitment of the new tyres, the increased stopping power is especially apparent in wet conditions.

Wider tapered aluminium bars: A more upright and assertive riding position

The MT-07 is already regarded as being the bike that works for everyone thanks to its natural upright riding position and relaxed ergonomics that make it so popular with riders of all ages and experience levels.

Following numerous evaluations using riders with different physiques, Yamaha designers have fine-tuned the new MT-07’s riding position for added comfort and better controllability. The 2021 model is fitted with new aluminium tapered handlebars that are 32mm wider to give a more assertive riding position as well as a little extra leverage for easier manoeuvrability at slow speeds.

New LCD instruments: Lighter and easier to read

The 2021 model now features higher specification LCD instruments with spot colour. This new inverted dashboard is similar to the unit fitted to the Tracer 700, and its compact and lightweight multifunction display with larger displays for the clock, gear, tripmeters and tachometer provides clear information. The use of spot colour gives an accent for key displays – and a new handlebar switch enables the rider to operate the meter more easily and efficiently.

LED indicators: Reinforcing the premium look and feel

Along with the new LED headlight the 2021 MT-07 is also equipped with new high intensity indicators at the front and rear. Lighter and more compact, they complement the next generation style of the bike and reinforce the premium specification of this best-selling Hyper Naked.

Latest generation tyres: High traction with excellent handling

New specification Michelin PR5 tyres – 180/55-17 at the rear and 120/70-17 at the front – provide excellent levels of traction, sporty handling performance and excellent wet weather handling qualities, making the MT-07 the ideal choice for new and experienced riders.

New colours, graphics and finishing: reinforcing the MT DNA

For 2021 the new MT-07 is available in the latest colour schemes and graphics that reinforce the MT family connection and give a premium feel to this outstanding middleweight. New black levers give a refined look, and wiring in the cockpit area is rerouted to give an enhanced look.

2021 MT-07 new features 2021 MT-07 new benefits
Next generation design Sharper and more dynamic Hyper Naked looks
LED projector lighting Better visibility, reduced weight, MT ‘Y-shape face’
Twin-cylinder EU5 CP2 engine Strong linear torque, gutsy exhaust note
Larger 298mm dual front discs More powerful braking with no additional unsprung weight
Wider tapered aluminium bars Assertive riding position with easier low-speed turning
New LCD instruments Clear information, now with handlebar operation
LED indicators High visibility and sharper style
Michelin PR5 tyres Excellent traction in wet and dry, added rider confidence, sporty handling
New colours, graphics and finishing Maintain the MT-07’s fashion leading focus and premium style, includes new blacked-out components and Crystal Graphite engine covers

Technical highlights

  • Next generation body design with pure MT family DNA
  • Winglet-style air intakes create distinctive MT-07 style
  • New LED projector headlight with signature Y-shape icon
  • Crossplane technology CP2 engine
  • EU5-compliant
  • 270-degree crank for linear torque delivery
  • Maximum torque of 67.0Nm/6.8kg-m produced at 6,500rpm
  • New 298mm dual front discs
  • New wider aluminium tapered handlebars
  • More comfortable and assertive riding position
  • Inverted LCD spot colour instruments with remote control
  • New LED turn signals
  • Latest generation Michelin PR5 tyres
  • New colours and graphics
  • Compact tubular frame with 805mm seat height

Yamaha Genuine Accessories and MT Apparel

Yamaha offers a wide range of Genuine Accessories designed for the new MT-07 that enable every owner to build their very own machine. The constantly evolving line-up includes parts that enhance performance, protection and comfort through to cosmetic components that sharpen the bike’s image.