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The AGV Sportmodular is one of the best-looking and lightest flip-up lids yet

There’s no doubt in the past, flip-up modular helmets have accompanied grey moto-nomads like fedora hats accompany instal-influencers… they seem an inseparable pairing. But things are changing and the latest Sportmodular from Italian manufacturer AGV is no doubt leading the way. 


At just 1295g, and made from carbon fibre, this lightweight lid has got to be one of the safest offerings in the world of modular helmets. What is immediately noticeable is the hingeing helmet does not look or feel anything like its bulky predecessors of yesteryear. Gone are the days of bulging pivot-points adorning a weighty dome – in fact the Sportmodular doesn’t even look like a flip-up lid. This was proven on AMCN’s recent nakedbike test when my fellow two-wheeled explorers commented on the attractiveness of my new ‘stack-hat’ before I’d flipped it up, at which point a gasp turned into a “bloody hell, I didn’t even know it was modular”. 

The Sportmodular’s lid-full of safety in a featherlight offering is achieved via heaps of trendy tech including carbon-fibre construction, five-density EPS structure, AGV’s visor lock system, and titanium double-D retention. In fact, it achieves the safety standards in the region of AGV’s MotoGP helmets. Thankfully, I’ve not tested impact resistance but I can assure you it ‘feels the goods’ and offers limited flex. Comfort is delivered in the form of AGV’s reversible liner, which is paired with the helmet’s integrated ventilation system.


One side of liner that encases the crown of the head is fuzzy to keep riders warm when it’s cooler, and the reverse side is smooth to remain cooler when it’s hot.


During AMCN’s three-day, 1500km nakedbike comparo ride, I rode and photographed much of the time without removing my lid. I was super-impressed with the ventilation performance in both rain and sun, and the helmet remained fog, condensation and sweat free. The visor is Pinlock compatible, which is included in the box, so fog management is excellent. And when it gets bright, the in-built drop-down sun visor, or optional tinted or iridium external visors, mean users are spoilt for choice for reducing glare. My prescription specs sat comfortably, with ample clearance to both the external and internal visors and, even through glasses, a sun-visor, pinlock and outer visor, I had excellent vision. 

There is no doubt $999 is a hefty chunk of change, but if you’re considering the benefits of a modular helmet and looking for a high-quality lid, then AGV’s Sportmodular should be on your radar. I hope to use and abuse the AGV sport modular over coming months and will update you on the goods, the bads and the everything in betweens once I’ve got more kays under its belt.


AGV Sportmodular


Sizes  S-XL

Colours Glossy Carbon or Matt Carbon

 You can check out the rest of the AGV range here

Mark ‘Watto’ Watson