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The MT Helmets KRE+ is an off-the-shelf FIM-approved race lid… and it’s now available in Oz.

If you follow MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3, you may have seen the odd rider wearing an MT-branded helmet or even riding an MT Helmets-sponsored motorcycle. Arguably, the most notable of those riders is 19-year-old Pedro Acosta who clinched the 2023 Moto2 World Championship. What better time to stick my head in an MT Helmet to see what all the fuss is about.

The MT Helmets KRE+ is the real deal, one of the very few FIM homologated helmets available off the shelf to the public. This means that if HRC give me a call to ride their bike, and lets face it, theyve called just about everyone else, my helmet will be ready to grid up for a MotoGP race. Sadly, I cant say the same for the rest of me, or my gear. It even comes with tear-offs ready to fit to the visor.

The KRE + features what MT calls a ‘snake carbon’ outer shell which is like normal carbon, but interlaced to make it resist impact better. While this colour scheme doesnt show it off, there are other colour options that do. Internally the foam is multi-density stuff to absorb impacts if and when your talent runs out.

The fastening is by way of the standard D-ring, and one of the FIM’s requirements is a locking visor to stop it opening during a crash, meaning front and centre of the chin piece is a little button you push to release the visor. It feels a bit odd at first when opening the visor, but it will come naturally in no time.

Im quietly hoping this helps with the wet-weather issues Ive had with a couple of other helmets where the water runs down the inside of the visor. The locking mechanism will hopefully hold it nice and snug. Ive fitted up the included pinlock visor insert to the tinted visor, because nobody wants to see my face while I’m concentrating.

Being a proper race helmet, there is no internal fighter-pilot style sun visor and switching visors does require an allen key, but its a simple process that takes little more than five minutes. Weight and safety are key on this helmet. My XL (62) size helmet weighs 1530g. It’s worth noting that Ive been a size L (60) in every helmet Ive worn since Ive been an adult so I recommend trying on before buying – as you should with all helmets.

The liner inside is a funky green colour with red accents and feels plush on my face as I stick my head in it. Its quite luxurious feeling. Luckily the liner is removable and washable to keep it super fresh after hot summer rides. There is a chin curtain to keep the wind noise down and the wasps out, too.

It is pretty quiet at road speeds. For a race helmet, I was expecting a bit more noise, so Im quite happy with it so far. There are two vents on the top of the helmet and one in the chin piece which isnt a lot, but when youre head down and ass up at racetrack speeds Im sure they work well. Ive yet to break the national speed limit with it on, but Im not expecting any unpleasant surprises when I take on a track day in the near future – I’ll keep you updated.

Overall, the Spanish-designed helmet fits the bill for a quality race lid. And if you’re not racing, you will at least look race on the road. The price represents fantastic value for money given the pedigree, and you can feel safe with a top-quality FIM homologated lid on your head while cruising the streets. Its a thumbs up from me so far. Stay tuned and Ill pop back in for an update after I put some decent miles on it.



PRICE: $999.99


COLOURS: Carbon Acosta Matt Blue, Carbon Projectile Gloss Grey, Carbon Brush Gloss Red or Carbon A11 Glass Black.

 CONACT: Billetta Imports


PHONE: 0423 381 636