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The Leatt GPX XL 2.0 shows that even hydration packs have come a long way in the last few years

The Leatt GPX pack is perfect for those riders looking for a hydration pack with enough volume for your trail knickknacks with a side serving of safety and neat features.


There is a total of 25 litres of cargo capacity available in the GPX and it sports a plethora of pockets including dedicated tool and goggle compartments, waist pockets and a waterproof mobile phone pocket. At almost $340 it’s not a cheap pack but it’s loaded with heaps of useful and unique features that I reckon make it good value. The main reason I went for the GPX – apart from the storage size – is the built-in CE-approved back protector.

The GPX runs a water-resistant outer shell, with an internal reflective panel that helps to keep your water cool.


It employs a unique two-litre bladder that sits horizontally at waist level rather than hanging vertically from the top of the pack like most others. This has the advantage of keeping the weight down low which makes the GPX a very comfortable pack to wear with a full tank – but has the drawback of the bladder being crushed by the junk in your pack and cutting the flow. Blowing into the bite valve can clear the blockage temporarily, but on a few occasions I’ve had to rearrange the contents of the pack to resume the water flow.

The drinking tube can be routed either over the shoulder or under your armpit on the left or right sides, and the tube is held in place by loops and clips that work. I’ve had plenty of packs that don’t get this basic feature right and there’s nothing more annoying than pawing around for a wayward hose when you’re busting for some sustenance.


Holding the GPX in place is a wide, supportive and ventilated harness system that spreads the load and takes weight off your shoulders.

There are also adjusters on the waist and shoulder straps for a custom fit, a bunch of little pockets and even loops for clipping your action camera to.


After spending plenty of time with the GPX, it’s holding up well to abuse and is the most comfortable pack I’ve ever had. I love the protection offered by the back protector and the amount of storage on offer; it’s just a bit of a shame you can’t always get a slurp when you need it.

Leatt GPX XL 2.0 hydration pack


Colours Black/Brush or Blue/White

Whites Powersports

(03) 8720 6000


Pete Vorst