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The all-new 2022 CRF250R is lighter, faster, stronger

The bike raced by Australia’s very own HRC riders Jett and Hunter Lawrence, the Honda CRF250R has been completely redesigned for 2022. The all-new 2022 CRF250R features a host of engine and chassis changes leading to increased power, reduced weight and improved reliability.

Honda engineers introduced a host of updates that raise the bar for usable power, impeccable handling and robust durability, by boosting engine performance, increasing toughness and cutting weight.

The redesigned engine produces more low-rpm torque without sacrificing usable top-end power, resulting in a broader powerband. Chassis updates delivered significant weight savings and improved ergonomics while preserving the model’s renowned handling prowess. A redesigned exhaust system and additional lightened components resulted in a substantial reduction of 4kg, for a 104kg curb weight. In addition, durability was improved by thoroughly re-examining the engine, its cooling system and the drive components.

2022 CRF250R

The radiator and shroud have been modified to improve air flow and cooling efficiency. The area of heat radiation has increased by 6%, while the lean angle and number of fins have been optimised.

Notable improvements were also made to the clutch. The new nine-plate design improves durability and hookup, and gives better engagement feel with lighter pull.

2022 CRF250R

In order to achieve the design goals of increased power and improved durability, the CRF250R’s 249cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder, double-overhead camshaft four-valve engine is significantly updated, boosting low rpm torque is through modification of the air intake, revised valve timing and a straightened exhaust port with single exhaust header and muffler. Together, the changes deliver a 20% increase in power at 6,500 rpm, while strong top-end power is retained.

The significantly increased air cleaner box capacity, combined with a new air filter shape, delivers improved torque at low speeds.

Meanwhile, the chassis—already exemplary on the previous generation—borrows heavily from that of the latest-generation CRF450R, resulting in reduced weight. The redesigned frame has optimized flex characteristics, with lateral rigidity reduced by 20%, whereas the modern bodywork facilitates rider movement and is more easily removed. The combination results in reliable tracking, precise turning, exemplary straight-line stability and overall rideability, thanks in part to the 4kg weight reduction.

Bodywork has also been modified, with narrower side cover width and lowered seat rear end, resulting in improved rider active performance

The CRF250R has always been all about racing, and its success record proves that, with top results at the factory level by Jett and Hunter Lawrence, and also in the amateur ranks. With reduced weight, increased power where it matters most and improved durability, the all-new 2022 CRF250R is more competitive than ever, and we can’t wait to see what the Lawrence brothers and all Red Riders do with it on motocross tracks across Australia.

2022 CRF250R

The CRF250R will carry a price tag of $12,199 with availability slated for September 2021. Check out the Honda website for more details

2022 CRF250R