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Gassit Garage | Columns
Gassit Garage / Columns
07 August 2018

Staying alive

10 tips to ensure the ride of your life doesn't end up being one to forget

Gassit Garage / Columns
07 August 2018


AMCN has 10 Oxford helmet bags from Ficeda Accessories to give away. To win one, send us a photograph of the first bike you ever owned or rode. We’ll print the 10 winners on our Reader’s Ride page in the next issue of AMCN. Email your entry to with the su

Gassit Garage / Columns
03 August 2018

Grid Talk - The Rees family

Multiple NZ Superbike champion Tony Rees is running his sons in two ASBK classes

Gassit Garage / Columns
30 July 2018

Aussie snowbiker Shannon Mason

How does a motocross rider from tropical Queensland end up taking on the Canadian snow gods at their own game? With a swag of Aussie spirit

Gassit Garage / Columns
29 July 2018

Revolving Racer - Cru Halliday

The lower top speeds gave me more time to think my way around a track

Gassit Garage / Columns
28 July 2018

Where are they now? Troy Corser

Troy Corser – two-time WorldSBK champ turned instructor and historic racer

Gassit Garage / Columns
27 July 2018

The teammate from hell

Back when he was just a boy, rather a strange one but very, very fast, the Spanish used to call him “’Round the outside”. For obvious reasons. In 2018, “Gorgeous Jorge” has earned a new nickname: “Up the blind side”. His switch from difficult Ducati to hairs-breadth

Gassit Garage / Columns
25 July 2018

Serendipity in the Never Never

A surreal encounter on the track between Spencer Gulf and Beagle Gulf

Gassit Garage / Columns
22 July 2018

Where are they now? Jim Airey – King of the Speedway Royale

“We had to stuff newspapers in our leathers to reduce the impact of rocks”

Gassit Garage / Columns
19 July 2018

Where are they now? Charlie Edwards

Charlie Edwards built his first two-stroke – a 12cc model-aeroplane motor – while still at school before earning his private pilot’s licence at just 16 years old.

Gassit Garage / Columns
16 July 2018

The future for Kenan Sofuoglu

Planning for the future. So what’s in store for a bloke who doesn’t want to quit?

Gassit Garage / Columns
13 July 2018

Daniel ‘Chucky’ Sanders

Back home from Europe, and pinning it for success