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Late last year Tom Edwards found the time to pen a Revolving Racer column for AMCN after he completed his rookie Supersport World Championship season.

I’ve just returned home to Newcastle after completing my rookie year in the Supersport World Championship, living and working with Mandy Kainz and the Yamaha Austria Racing Team (YART). 

I was planning on racing ASBK in 2022 with Bikebiz, but an opportunity to test with YART in Spain popped up at the start of that year. They were really happy with the test and we decided to take it further. Mandy gave me a place to stay, plus back home in Australia I had just completed my apprenticeship as a motorcycle mechanic, so I was able to work during the week in the YART workshop. 

Revolving Racer Tom Edwards - 1

In 2022 we didn’t have an official World Supersport entry, so we just did wildcards where possible. This season we competed in the European Challenge Cup, which is set up for teams that want to get started in Supersport without the added pressure or expense of the flyaway rounds. 

YART always puts in the effort to prepare one of the best bikes on the grid at every race and I was always really happy with it. Supersport has changed now with the inclusion of the Ducati V2 and, if you look at the results for Yamaha, Stefano Manzi was always up the front battling with Nicolo Bulega. From my perspective he had to work so much harder to stay with the Ducati. I felt like the V2 definitely had an edge. 

We’ve had some really good sessions on the bike this season and qualifying was a definite strong point, in particular picking up fourth in Barcelona and sixth at the final round at Portimao. We finished in P11 and P12 for the Portimao races, which left us in second place for the World Supersport Challenge Cup.

Revolving Racer Tom Edwards - 2

I really like Portugal as a country and the Portimao track. It’s so different to any other circuit. The first time you ride an out lap, with the blind corners and undulations, you don’t know if you’re going left or right! You can watch it on TV, but until you’re there in person it’s hard to appreciate. If I was a spectator, that is the one round I’d be wanting to go watch live.

Previously, I had completed a few seasons in World Supersport 300 and I often get asked what I think about that series. There are guys who have made a career racing in 300s, but I feel the biggest benefit is the time you spend in the paddock… talking to different people, speaking the different languages, becoming familiar with how the schedule runs, the technical checks and all the other little things involved in competing in a world championship. 

Revolving Racer Tom Edwards - 3

That overall experience meant I was well prepared for my rookie World Supersport season, it really helped take those first-time nerves away. I’ve also been able to cut some laps on the YART Superbike, so I’ve had enough seat time to feel comfortable to make the step up when the time comes.

Another huge highlight was eloping last year with my wife, Keisha! We thought it was the right thing to do for us and it’s been great having her here with me. She does so much behind the scenes that a lot of people don’t see, all while juggling her own work in marketing. 

YART winning the World Endurance Championship means it has a renewed focus on endurance racing for 2024, and we’ve decided to part ways after a fantastic two years. It is totally amicable and we remain great friends. Throughout the year I’ve progressed a lot and I really can’t thank Mandy enough for the opportunity and everything the team has done for me. 

For now, I’ve got news almost ready to drop for 2024. It looks like I’ll remain in the world championship. I’m just finalising particulars and can’t wait to share the news with AMCN readers.