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Gassit Garage | Columns
Gassit Garage / Columns
28 March 2019

MR PERFECT - Jorge Lorenzo

We catch up Lorenzo to find out how he’s really feeling about his switch to Honda

Gassit Garage / Columns
26 March 2019

Grid Talk - Timur Sardarov

MV Agusta’s new owner, London-based Russian investor Timur Sardarov, 36, talks about his passion for the brand and its racing plans Bring us up to date on MV’s ownership? Our investment company Black Ocean has purchased a majority shareholding. I’ve become CEO and Chairma

Gassit Garage / Columns
23 March 2019

Remembering Eric Geboers

When Eric Geboers lofted the 1988 500cc MX GP world title trophy, he became the first rider ever to celebrate world championship success in all three classes of top-level motocross

Gassit Garage / Columns
21 March 2019

They did what? Girls just wanna have fun

Swimming, flying and motorbiking. There wasn’t much that Pat and Nan didn’t excel at

Gassit Garage / Columns
20 March 2019

Where are they now? Geoff Crocott

Teddy Preston’s death at the Sydney Royale Speedway towards the end of the 1965/66 season was the final straw for Geoff Grocott. His beloved Vincent outfit was put on the block, his speedway days at an end. Besides, he needed more time with his family. And to keep a closer eye

Gassit Garage / Columns
19 March 2019

VR46 Headquarters

One hundred metres before you pass the heavily graffitied sign that tells you you’re entering the town of Tavullia there’s a big building on the left, mostly painted yellow and with a curved, mirror-glassed entrance block. It’s a flamboyant construction which looks somewhat

Gassit Garage / Columns
18 March 2019

Not Forgotten - Keith Bryen

From a poultry farm on the western fringe of Sydney to riding the Moto Guzzi 500 V8

Gassit Garage / Columns
17 March 2019

Original adventurers

January can easily become summer’s dead zone of boredom. When it’s too hot to ride what’s to do? Even television is a dead zone, largely inhabited by series repeats and cricket defeats, unless you like spending hours watching millionaires fire tiny balls at each other acros

Gassit Garage / Columns
12 March 2019

Grid Talk - Leon Haslam

What’s it like riding a World Superbike after racing a domestic-spec Kawasaki ZX-10R? The 2018 British Superbike champion, Leon Haslam explains

Gassit Garage / Columns
11 March 2019

GREGORY THE GREAT - Gregg Hansford

It wasn’t what the late Gregg Hansford did in his short time on the GP circuit that made him such an enigma, but rather what he didn’t do

Gassit Garage / Columns
05 March 2019

Where are they now? Glen Dix – it’s not over until the flagman dances

Glen Dix’s involvement with motorsport began in the early ’50s – a time when Rowley Park Speedway broadcast live to air on radio. His job as penciller – recording results – in the broadcast box was as boring as batshit for an enthusiastic teenager craving excitement. A

Gassit Garage / Columns
02 March 2019

Andy & Alissa and their XT660R

Riding Tajikistan’s legendary Pamir Mountains was supposed to be the ride of their lives. But trying to get out with a snapped frame and no suspension wasn’t what they had in mind