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Gassit Garage | Columns
Gassit Garage / Columns
01 May 2019

Where are they now?  Wayne ‘Flash’ Farley

Australia’s original Safari ironman

Gassit Garage / Columns
30 April 2019

Old School - 80s Katana

The big buzz at the moment is Suzuki’s brave decision to relaunch the Katana, its icon model of the Eighties. If Suzuki’s car division can relaunch the Jimny, why shouldn’t it do the same for the Katana. Both are instantly recognisable to former Seventies longhairs and h

Gassit Garage / Columns
27 April 2019


We catch up with MotoGP’s future star on the eve of his first factory ride in world motorcycle racing’s premier category

Gassit Garage / Columns
24 April 2019

José & the Amazonas

Like the dinosaurs, the Amazonas was born enormous and has since disappeared. But a passionate craftsman is trying to rekindle the flame of Brazil’s forgotten myth

Gassit Garage / Columns
22 April 2019

Fast talk with Toby Price & Daniel Milner

AMCN recently shared a few beers and a high-class barbie with with two of the best off-road racers on the planet. Listen in

Gassit Garage / Columns
21 April 2019

Eddie Lawson’s back-to-back titles

Eddie Lawson became the first rider to win back-to-back 500cc world titles on different bikes. Now, 30 years on, his engineer Erv Kanemoto reveals how the archived it and why it was pivotal for today’s technology. Premier-class Grand Prix bikes were never nastier than in the 1

Gassit Garage / Columns
16 April 2019

He did what? Geoff Mack

From the Moulin Rouge in Montmartre to Macleay Street in Kings Cross, Geoff Mack had seen it all

Gassit Garage / Columns
16 April 2019

Reader rides

If it was a paddock basher you found in a shed, or a shiny new showroom model you saved your hard-earned for, no one forgets their first two- wheeled love. Show us yours!

Gassit Garage / Columns
15 April 2019

Rossi is 40

What are you going to do on your 40th birthday? Or, given motorcycling’s ever-ageing demographic, what did you do? A bit of gentle sky-diving/white-water rafting, perhaps? Set off on a mammoth touring holiday? Polish your paintwork? Or down the pub with a few mates to get bl

Gassit Garage / Columns
10 April 2019

Grid Talk - Mick Driscoll

Junior Australian Off-Road Champion faces his biggest career challenge

Gassit Garage / Columns
09 April 2019

Fast talk - Valentino Rossi

He’s 40 and still fast. MotoGP’s megastar Valentino Rossi on girlfriends, becoming a father and why he feels he deserves that 10th world title

Gassit Garage / Columns
07 April 2019

Revolving Racer - Jeremy McWilliams

The development race