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Gassit Garage | Columns
Gassit Garage / Columns
31 December 2018

AMCN’s 2018 highlights

We don’t just process the news at AMCN, we scour, dig and deliver the unfolding story of all-things motorcycling as land when it happens. Here are some highlights of 2018 as told by our correspondents from Australia and around the world. The world’s most expensive Vincent A

Gassit Garage / Columns
27 December 2018

Grid Talk - Peter Doyle

We talk to Motorcycling Australia’s CEO Peter Doyle

Gassit Garage / Columns
16 December 2018

Where are they now? Phil O’Brien

Phil O’Brien was a level-headed Aussie talent of the late 1960s

Gassit Garage / Columns
14 December 2018

The WorldSBK Championship’s early years - Part 1

Australia’s Oran Park and New Zealand’s Manfield circuit provided two of the most spectacular years of World Superbikes. We head back to 1988 to relive a pair of classic confrontations

Gassit Garage / Columns
12 December 2018

Where are they now? Ray Curtis - still the irrepressible larrikin

“I went through two paddocks, one wire fence and a couple of ditches”

Gassit Garage / Columns
11 December 2018

Reader Rides

It doesn’t matter if it was a free-to-a- good-home paddock basher you pulled from the neighbour’s shed, or a shiny new showroom model you saved your hard- earned cash for, no one forgets their first.

Gassit Garage / Columns
09 December 2018

There is no circuit like Phillip Island

I think some Aussies don’t realise how good we have it Down Under. I’m not talking about living conditions, natural beauty or even weather, which are all top shelf; I’m talking about racing circuits. And in Australia, none are better than the Phillip Island Grand Prix circu

Gassit Garage / Columns
08 December 2018

They did what? Monkey mayhem

So you reckon everything that can be done has already been done, eh?

Gassit Garage / Columns
06 December 2018


The hip flask awarded to the first-ever winner of a motorcycle TT held on the Isle of Man in 1907 sold at a different Bonham’s Auction last month, where it fetched $46,171. It might sound like a hit to the hip pocket for a century-old hip flask, but Rem Fowler’s hard-earned p

Gassit Garage / Columns
02 December 2018

Where are they now? Michelle Duff – Canada’s Only GP Winner

“We thought touching our toes on the ground on a corner was extreme!”

Gassit Garage / Columns
02 December 2018

Letter of the issue - Vol 68 No 09

Flag-to-flag junkie

Gassit Garage / Columns
02 December 2018

Giz-a-Squiz - 2013 Suzuki C90T BOSS

Rider Stuart Walker Bike 2013 Suzuki C90T BOSS He says Here is Bob. Bob was purchased new in Oct 2013 and is now booked in for its 24,000km service. He is 100 percent reliable and has never missed a beat. Bob is my first roadbike, and we can be found more Sundays than not ri