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Yamaha's Tricity 155 Leaning Multi Wheel (LMW) scooter offers a practical, affordable and enjoyable alternative to traffic congestion and overcrowded public transport

The user-friendly three-wheel layout of the learner approved Tricity 155 has been designed to meet the needs of new riders. Additional safety features such as unified ABS braking with dual 220mm front disc and 230mm rear disc brakes deliver excellent stopping performance, making it confidence-inspiring for inexperienced riders.

The Tricity’s level of performance is also well suited to experienced riders looking for a convenient urban commuter. The Blue Core 155cc four-stroke engine features Yamaha’s advanced Variable Valve Actuation system (VVA) delivering strong acceleration and the ability to cruise at highway speeds.

A low, long and flat riding seat is matched to a flat footboard for a comfortable ride every time, while the twist-and-go CVT transmission makes getting to your destination a fuss-free breeze.

The long list of convenient features includes underseat storage space for a full-face helmet, 7.2 litre fuel tank, 12V charging socket located in the front pocket, and a parking brake.

The European-influenced styling has an LED headlight complementing the LED position lamp to give a sophisticated look. As well as looking good, the 14-inch front wheels and 13-inch rear wheel deliver stability and traction on various road surfaces.

Despite its expensive European appearance, Tricity 155 is also one of the most affordable and economical vehicles on the street today and carrying a ride away price of just $7149

For more information on the Tricity 155 click here to head over to the Yamaha Australia page.