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Ventz | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

With summer here it’s time to swap those winter warmers for something cool and comfortable that won’t sacrifice protection.

We’re not here to pass judgement on those who ride through the warmer months in shorts and T-shirt. Hey, if you fancy becoming a big flesh crayon as you slide along a hot road surface, that’s your choice. But for those who prefer to keep the gear on, staying cool while remaining well protected can be a challenge.

Thers is a bit of irony in the fact that it was a Brit who came up with the idea for Ventz. While out riding on a warm (yes, we checked that) English day. He noted that opening the cuffs of his jacket generated a cooling effect. He went home and designed Ventz.

A set of Ventz turned up on my desk 12 months ago, and I must admit I was skeptical. While the idea of a vent that attaches to the sleeve of a jacket to direct airflow up the arm makes sense, they just looked a little fiddly. But I decided to give them a go and was pleasantly surprised. For a low-cost and straightforward invention, they deliver a lot.

Nothing feels more soothing than cool wind through an unzipped jacket on a stinking hot day. Unfortunately, unzipping your jacket can dramatically reduce its effectiveness in the event of an accident.

The Ventz are easily attached to the cuffs of your jacket using a flexible clip, and your seating position does the rest, forcing cool air up the sleeves. It’s like ram air for your body.

Ventz are made from a shatter-proof material with a synthetic rubber liner, so they are light, comfortable and easy to install. They can be slipped into your jacket pocket when you’re not riding, so you always know where they are.


  • Simple
  • Light
  • Price


  • Can move around

Sizes: XS – XXL

RRP $34.99

Ventz Australia

0417 183 545