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Furygan Full Apex Perfo Suit | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

Moves like Zarco

Like many I’m a fan of MotoGP racer Johann Zarco, and while I’ll never ride as well as the Frenchman, I can now at least look like him in this Furygan Full Apex Perfo Suit. Australian distributor Bruce Collins Enterprises has sent me the latest model for a trackday test run.

The Furygan name may not be instantly recognisable to many readers, but the panther logo on the back has become well-known thanks to Zarco’s entertaining riding style. I was surprised to discover Furygan has been involved in GP racing since 1972.

Zarco, Valencia MotoGP tests, 2017

The Full Apex Perfo is Furygan’s top-of-the-range race suit; it’s a production version of Zarco’s with only a handful of alterations requested by the Frenchman setting it apart.

It’s manufactured from full-grain 1.4mm cowhide, which feels light and soft. It has no built-in back protector, which helps with weight and comfort, and also lets each rider choose a back protector that suits them. There are no built-in hip protectors either.

The elbows and shoulders are fitted with external high-abrasion plastic shells with aluminium and D30 internals. These provide extra protection and minimise damage to the leather on high-impact areas. There’s also plenty of triple stitching in the high-stress seams.

Slipping into the suit for the first time revealed it’s a snugger fit than other suits I own in the same size. It’s not too tight, but a slightly better fit around the body. A stretch zone at the rear stops it from looking baggy and helps with movement. The cotton liner only goes to the knees and the shoulders, so you’ll have to wear skins or something similar underneath for comfort.

I found the suit a little short in the arm, but because of my orangutan-length arms that’s a standard issue for me. Thankfully Bruce Collins also sent through a pair of Fit-R Zarco gloves made from goatskin with plenty of protection, including extended cuffs that easily cover my wrists.

I’ve already given the suit a quick test at the recent Canberra Motorcycle Centre ride day at Wakefield Park, and so far so good. The big test will come when I wear the suit for a full day at a racetrack during a typical Aussie summer day. There are also a couple of new model launches on the horizon, so I’ll put the suit through its paces for a full product review.

Hopefully, I won’t need to test its many safety features!

RRP $1249

Bruce Collins

  (03) 9645 2919