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MotoDry Urban Air Boots | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

Hot and sweaty feet are one of the most uncomfortable things to suffer on a long and hot day of riding.

While short boots are not recommended for racing, touring or off-road adventure riding, they are perfect for urban use. If you ride to work daily, a quality pair of short riding boots will keep your feet cool and comfortable, and you won’t need to carry an extra pair of shoes with you. I wear my brown Urban Air boots all day when I ride to the office and have been blown away by their level of comfort.

Made from high-quality vented leather with double stitching, they keep your feet well protected while allowing some airflow. Not having a boot running halfway up your calf also lets cool air flow around your ankles and lower leg.

The tongue is reinforced with poly-foam padding, which make them a little challenging to get onto big hoofs like mine, but once on they feel snug and offer good support.

The rubber sole doesn’t provide as much protection as a sturdy motorcycle boot, but the comfort level makes them an attractive addition to your urban riding kit.


  • Comfort
  • Looks
  • All-day wear


  • Hard to get on

RRP $139.95

Moto National Accessories

1300 885 355

As published in AMCN (Vol 67 No 11)