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Polaris Provides Support To “Buy A Bale” Program | NEWS

Polaris Industries today announced a partnership with Rural Aid which will see Australia’s leading off-road vehicle brand donate five standard bales of hay to Rural Aid’s “Buy a Bale” campaign for every Polaris Ranger or Polaris ACE product sold across Australia until the end of 2018.

Based on its most current sales forecasts, Polaris expects this contribution to total approximately 5,000 bales of hay over the balance of 2018.  Polaris will also be kick-starting things with an upfront donation of 1,000 bales of hay today.

In addition to the above, Polaris will also be supporting its nationwide dealer network to contribute much-needed funds to farmers needing assistance in some of the driest parts of the country through the “Buy a Bale” campaign.

Rural Aid’s “Buy a Bale” campaign has the mission of supporting farmers to keep their cattle alive through one of the worst droughts in living history.

Rural Aid estimates that five standard bales of hay feeds one cow for one week.  Five thousand bales will feed approximately 1,000 cows for a week or 67 cows for the remainder of this year.

“Like many companies, our business revolves around the agricultural communities of Australia through the provision of tools of trade to farmers,” said Polaris Australia Vice President and Managing Director, Peter Alexander.  “We’d like to help in any way possible to support Australian farmers, many of whom are facing some of the worst drought conditions of the past century.”

“As the market leading manufacturer in our industry, we sincerely hope our industry can unite around this common cause and we strongly encourage other off-road vehicle brands to jump on board in also supporting the fine work being done by the likes of Rural Aid to support farmers in a time of great duress.”

“This is just a starting point and we will continue to pursue further ways of supporting the likes of Rural Aid as they endeavor to provide much-needed fodder to farms in drought-affected regions.

Every Polaris Ranger or Polaris ACE sold over the balance of 2018 will automatically trigger a donation of five standard bales to Rural Aid’s “Buy a Bale”. A monthly reconciliation of sales data and receipts for the corresponding donation to “Buy a Bale” will be loaded to the company’s website and social media channels in the interests of transparency.