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Kawasaki’s Z900RS cafe | Manufacture News | News

Kawasaki’s Z900RS cafe did an admirable job of ticking retro boxes and plucking at the heartstrings. But if it had remained in its sole colour option of Kawasaki’s Kermit Green, it would have been relegated to a special-interest model. And that would have undersold its real-world abilities.

Fortunately, Kawasaki is on the case and offers a range of paint schemes for 2019 that change the look but not the feel of an instant classic. Although only officially announced in Japan so far, they’re likely to be offered in all the export markets.

First up is an antidote to the eye-searing green of the 2018 model, a subdued blue with grey graphics that swaps the ‘look at me’ pose of the original bike for something a bit classier. It also loses the graphics on the nose while keeping the tank and seat stripes. The decision to paint the side panel below the seat in black rather than body colour also helps give the bike a lighter, slimmer overall look, even though there are no technical or bodywork changes other than the paint.

A second new colour splits the difference between the original green and the subtler 2019 blue. It features a base coat of grey while replacing the white stripes with green ones, leaving no doubt it’s a Kawasaki but not forcing onlookers to reach for their sunglasses.

However, if you prefer the 2018 original, that extrovert lime green and white scheme remains in the line-up. 

By ben Purvis