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New AGV Valentino Rossi Pista GP R 2019 Winter Test Helmet | Local | News

Winter Test 2019 design of the AGV Pista GP R helmet gets a street art look

The Winter Test 2019 Pista GP R helmet is like a piece of street art. Previous years have seen a variety of different art styles with this one at home in a modern art gallery.

The trademark sun and moon elements remain with a thinly lined “46” on the lid.

Rossi: “As for every season’s tests, I made a special helmet for this year as well. It’s always a great experience to work on a special edition. We try to find new ideas every time, but it’s not always easy. For this year’s helmet, we had a hard time making up our minds, but at some point I looked at Aldo and I asked him to do something for me—to do what we used to do, pick up a paintbrush and draw the helmet freehand, like in years past. And that’s what we did! At first, Aldo was hesitant, but then he started to have a blast. When all was said and done, it came out great. Because they’re drawn by hand, each helmet is unique.”

The Winter Test 2019 helmet will likely be for sale soon. A Pista GP R helmet with Rossi and Drudi’s stamp on it will set you back around $1500US.