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Industry-wide agreement aims at eliminating cross-brand intercom incompatibilities.

Connection difficulties between different bluetooth motorcycle intercom brands will soon be a thing of the past, and not a moment too soon.

Cardo Systems

Today a joint announcement between Cardo Systems, Midland and Uclear, outlined the launch of the ‘Open Bluetooth Intercom’ (OBI) – an open industry-wide Bluetooth Intercom standard, allowing seamless cross-brand Bluetooth Intercom connectivity.

This collaboration is designed to put an end to cross-branded connection issues faced by ‘universal connectivity’ bluetooth products making for a much more user-friendly and inclusive experience.

motorcycle intercom

The task of pairing opposing brands of ‘universal connectivity’ devices can be unnecessarily complex and extremely frustrating compared to pairing a set from the same manufacturer. Previous settings and phone numbers can be easily lost in the process and VOX and music playing systems can have hit-and-miss results.

The ‘Open Bluetooth Intercom’ agreement will overcome all of these issues.

motorcycle intercom

Shachar Harari, VP of Business Development of Cardo Systems, explained: “Having just launched our ‘Universal Communication Solution’, the announcement of our ‘Open Bluetooth Intercom’ further cements our commitment to providing motorcyclists with the best solutions to communicate while riding. The new partnership will enable riders to fully enjoy seamless Bluetooth intercom connectivity across the brands and will further foster the penetration of communication solutions among riders worldwide.”

‘Open Bluetooth Intercom’ is an extension to the ‘Bluetooth Handsfree Profile’, designed for duplex communications between Bluetooth devices – meaning that riders no longer have to agree on one motorcycle intercom brand to buy.