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Indian announces the addition of the Pursuit to its Elite model lineup as well as the return of the Chieftain Elite

Indian Motorcycle has announced its new limited-edition Pursuit Elite as well as announcing the return of its Chieftain Elite. Featuring premium componentry, Indian claims that each Elite model is crafted as the ultimate in American V-Twin style and exclusivity.


“When we first introduced the 2018 Chieftain Elite, we wanted to create an offering that was not just limited in quantity, but exclusive in nature with custom details straight from the factory,” said Aaron Jax, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle. “Today, with jewel-like finishes, our Elite line of baggers and touring models truly represent the best-of-the-best and deliver a statement like nothing else on the road.”

Indian Pursuit Elite

With only 150 units available worldwide and 8 coming to Australia, 2023 marks the debut of the Indian Pursuit Elite. Designed for riders who value the journey as much as the destination, the Indian Pursuit Elite is packed with premium amenities and advanced ride-enhancing technology to achieve a more comfortable ride.


The Pursuit Elite’s Super Graphite Metallic and Black Metallic paint with Shadow Bronze Chrome accents is colour-matched to the Elite badging giving the new Pursuit an undeniable premium look.

The Pursuit Elite is powered by the same 108 cubic-inch, liquid-cooled PowerPlus found in the rest of the Pursuit and Challenger range with the mighty v-twin capable of punching out 90kW of power and a chunky 178 Nm of torque.


Electronically adjustable rear suspension preload from Fox allows riders to adjust their preload for optimal comfort and handling under varying conditions. Whether riding solo, two-up or carrying more cargo – the electronically adjustable rear suspension preload is managed from the convenience of the bike’s infotainment system. Plus, the Indian Pursuit Elite offers Smart Lean Technology using a Bosch Inertial Measurement Unit to tune traction control, ABS, and torque for even more control and unsurpassed handling. Backlit switch cubes improve the rider’s ability to see the bike’s controls at night, while the Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight combined with Pathfinder S LED driving lights and saddlebag lights deliver improved visibility. Both rider and passenger get a heated seat which can either be adjusted via controls on the seat or from the infotainment system.

The Pursuit Elite is equipped with a seven-inch touchscreen powered by Indian’s Ride Command system that offers Apple CarPlay integration, turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and the company’s Powerband 16 speaker Audio system which features built-in amplifiers, and nine-band equalizer.

And just in case that isn’t enough the Elite is also equipped with remote-locking weatherproof saddlebags and trunk.


Chieftain Elite

The 2023 Chieftain Elite features new meaner and more aggressive styling with custom-inspired details straight from the factory and with only 175 units available globally and 8 coming to Australia, if you’re in the market you best pull your finger out.

The Chieftain Elite’s eye-catching paint scheme featuring Super Graphite Smoke is complemented by Shadow Bronze chrome finishes and Indian Motorcycle headdress floorboards. Offering an even more custom look, the Chieftain Elite’s open fender showcases a new 10-spoke precision machined front wheel. Adaptive Pathfinder LED headlight and rear saddlebag LED lights provide head-turning style at night, while the adjustable tinted flare windshield raises or lowers to the rider’s preferred position with the push of a handlebar-mounted button for ultimate comfort.

Packing the most powerful Indian Motorcycle air-cooled engine, the Thunderstroke 116, the Chieftain Elite delivers 171 Nm of torque while the big v-twin also features rear cylinder deactivation improves rider comfort when riding through slower traffic. Three selectable ride modes, including Tour, Standard and Sport, allow riders to adjust the bike’s throttle response to match their riding style.

Like the Indian Pursuit Elite, the Chieftain Elite features the seven-inch touchscreen display with Apple CarPlay, GPS with navigation, and more. As standard equipment, the 2023 Chieftain Elite features backlit switch cubes, an integrated PowerBand audio system, and includes ABS, keyless ignition, tyre pressure monitoring, as well as weatherproof and remote-locking saddlebags with more than 68 liters of storage. For riders looking to personalize their ride, colour matched accessories are available including a quick release touring and low-profile trunk, as well as hard lower fairings.

For more information on the Indian Motorcycle range, head to your local dealership or visit the Indian website here.