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Vespa Sprint 150 I.E | News

When the team from PS importers headed to Lake Gairdner in South Australia for Speed Week it wanted pit transport that reflected some of the awesome machinery trying to break landspeed record on the salt, so the team took to a 2015 Vespa Sprint 150 I.E.

“The distances between the pits, located in the middle of the lake, the start line and the campsite is around 15km so we need a pretty quick pit bike to get around,” Nigel Harvey from PS Importers told AMCN “The original idea was to build a desert ready Vespa for the job, then things just got a little out of hand.”

The build was a collaboration between Melbourne custom bike builder Supacustom and Vespa Australia. The chassis, suspension and engine all received a major makeover. The engine received a fair bit of attention including a forward facing alloy air box with three uni filter air filters.

Exhaust gasses are extracted with the help of a forward facing Pro Circuit Titanium exhaust system. Because the extra plumbing filled the foot well, motocross style ‘pegs were fitted.

As you can see from the photographs, the end result was pretty radical. Look out for a Custom Cool feature on this hot little Vespa in an upcoming issue of AMCN.