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Honda teases X-ADV all-rounder | NEWS

When Honda revealed its City Adventure concept at last year’s EICMA show in Milan few people seriously expected it to put the strange scooter-adventure bike into production. But that’s exactly what it’s doing.


After the concept’s unveiling, a rash of patents and spy shots revealed that it was a more serious project and now Honda itself has released a teaser video to promote the bike ahead of a launch on 30 August.


Based around the NC750 engine and chassis, complete with semi-automatic transmission, the bike is intended to be able to do a bit of everything – equally at home in city traffic, touring on the open road or even handling some smooth unsurfaced tracks. Its DCT gearbox means it should be as easy to ride as a scooter, while the big engine, upside-down forks and radial brakes will make it go, corner and stop like a ‘proper’ bike.

City Adventure Concept

City Adventure Concept

The final name is still not completely certain, but it’s likely to be called the X-ADV. Despite being called ‘City Adventure’, last year’s concept sported the letters ‘ADV’ on the sides and the bike in the teaser video does as well. Honda tried to trademark the same combination of letters, but was denied the rights as it’s considered a generic term. Instead the company has acquired the trademark rights to the letter combination ‘X-ADV’ which seems likely to be the final name of the production bike.