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Honda CB4 Interceptor | NEWS

We take another look at one of the new models we saw at EICMA this year. AMCN was there to witness the the hottest reveals at the biggest international motorcycle show in the world…

Honda has a habit of revealing near-production concept bikes at the EICMA show.

Two years ago it showed the City Adventure concept that became the X-ADV, as well as the CB4 concept that previewed the styling of the new CB1000R and CB300R.

So with luck the CB4 Interceptor you see here could be a production reality in a year or two.

It’s based on the new CB1000R’s steel-and-aluminium chassis and its 2004-Fireblade-derived four-cylinder engine. But on top there’s a neo-retro racebike look that’s frankly stunning.

Honda says the bike is part of the same project that led to the 2015 CB4 concept, but uses old endurance racers as its inspiration.