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We were so blown away by Yamaha’s WR250R when it showed up for our recent LAMS adventure in the Victorian High Country that we just couldn’t bear to part with it! When the going got tough the little Yamahammer’s lightweight chassis and torquey motor came to the fore, making it the weapon of choice for our crusty demons on tour. So, after far too many frothy beverages at Kevington, a diabolical plan was hatched to add the little blue and white dirt devil to our normally road-biased long-term fleet. Why buck the status quo by bringing a two-wheeled tractor into the fold you ask? Well, despite appearances, the WR250R is no run of the mill off-roader – its sleek enduro-inspired design and liquid cooled, fuel-injected 250cc DOHC four-stroke engine allow it to walk the fine line between weekend warrior and rock solid reliability.

It’s also downright affordable, having dropped in price by more than $2000 since its release in 2008, and in my opinion, it’s also the coolest looking dual-sport on the market!

In stock trim the WR can commute or kick up dust with equal aplomb, but Yamaha has kindly sweetened the deal for AMCN by prepping the long termer with a set of knobby Dunlop Enduro hoops (D907F 90/90-21 up front, D606 120/90-18 at the rear) and a few choice additions from the Y-shop ( These include a 13.8L safari tank, bark busters, a GYTR alloy sump guard, an off-road number plate holder and luggage carrier.

Our LAMS test revealed the long-legged LAMS-approved off-roader expertly flies the flag of so-called ‘Supertrail’ bikes, but let’s hope it can withstand some serious punishment in the hands of a ham-fisted rookie. Over the next six months I aim to test every ounce of its capabilities while embarking on a series of adventures across some of the toughest terrain around!


By Paul McCann