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Bling for the Yamaha MT-07 | GASSIT GARAGE

The call recently came in from our mates at Online Racing Spares to let us know that the last pieces of bling for the Yamaha MT-07 had finally arrived – the Yammie revamp was going to be complete!

So what had taken so long? Well, it turns out these Puig items – the matte black belly pan, $299.95, and the folding clutch and brake levers, $285 – are some of the most sought after in the Online Racing Spares catalogue. And no wonder. With the number of MT-07s on the road, it’s only natural that owners would want to make their bikes stand out from the pack.


Now that the final touches have been made, the effect is impressive. The lines of the new belly pan run parallel to those of the previously installed Puig radiator guard and give this nakedbike more of a semi-faired look. And while I’m not a big fan of bling in general, I have to admit that I let out a little ‘wow’ when the bike rolled out of the Online Racing Spares garage. It’s sharp and aggressive, while still preserving the MT-07’s original urban street-savvy style.

As for the levers, these could be classified as practical bling (your oxymoron of the day). As well as looking schmick, they flip up to save themselves if the bike hits the ground. As if that would happen on my watch!

Be aware, however, the levers do flip up pretty easily. On the short trip back to the office I was alarmed to find the brake level flicking away during normal operation of the throttle, but back at Gassit HQ a quick adjustment (both levers are adjustable to five levels) did the trick.


Sadly, just as our little LAM is all dressed up with plenty of places to go, we’ve been told it’s time to say goodbye. There might be a few tears…

Mark Vender

Online Racing Spares

73 Levanswell Road

Moorabbin Vic 3189

(03) 9553 1881