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VanderHeide- Carbon Fibre Superbike | NEWS

Carbon-fibre superbike revealed!

It’s getting ever harder for a superbike to stand out from the growing crowd of exotic, expensive and incredibly fast offerings on the market but new Dutch firm VanderHeide  has managed it with its new V4-powered creation.

Developed in complete secrecy over the last five years, it’s the work of brothers Rolf and Sjors van der Heide and it takes the high-powered, lightweight formula to the next level. Powered by Aprilia’s ever-impressive RSV4 engine mounted into a bespoke machine made almost entirely made from carbon fibre. From the monocoque chassis to the girder-style forks, the swingarm and even the BST wheels, virtually every component that you’d normally expect to be aluminium or steel – engine aside – is made from the lightweight black stuff.

In terms of technology, the stock engine makes 201bhp in fully-homologated road-legal form or available in a track-only 230bhp option. It’s mounted in a one-piece carbon fibre monocoque that proved too large for any autoclave in Holland, so they made their own oven to cure the carbon, which is vacuum-injected with resin.

At the front there’s a Hossack-style girder fork suspended on car-style double wishbone suspension, a pushrod and rocker connects it to an Öhlins TTX 36, identical to the rear shock and mounted in the back of the fuel tank, directly above its counterpart.

Dry, the bike weighs 175kg, although light wasn’t the’ only target — luxurious touches like the leather seat and bar grips give the feel of a high-end supercar.

And with it comes a high-end price, the VanderHeide superbike will start at €150,00 when it reaches production, and the brothers are taking orders now.

By Ben Purvis

Images: Studio Target Press, Moordrecht, The Netherlands