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Triumph reveals its new Scrambler 1200 X and updated Scrambler 1200 XE

Triumph kicked off the trend for retro-style scramblers with its original Bonneville Scrambler back in 2005 and its range now spans from a 400cc single to the Scrambler 1200 – and it’s the latter that’s the latest to get a round of revisions including the addition of a new Scrambler 1200 X model.

The Scrambler 1200 X name mirrors that of the Scrambler 400 X, another new-for-2024 machine, and it replaces the now-discontinued Scrambler 1200 XC. Designed to be more accessible than either the XC or the higher-spec Scrambler 1200 XE, which is also updated for 2024, the Scrambler 1200 X has lower suspension, a lower seat, a lower spec and a lower price so more people can throw their leg over one.

The core change to the Scrambler 1200 X is the adoption of new Marzocchi suspension at both ends, replacing the old XC’s Showa front, Ohlins rear combination. Where the Scrambler 1200 XC offered 200mm of travel at each end, the X cuts that to 170mm and brings the seat down from 840mm to 820mm, with the option to lower it further to 795mm with an optional low seat.

The X’s new forks are 45mm Marzocchis, non-adjustable, paired to twin rear shocks from the same brand, adjustable for preload only. That’s a step down from the XC’s fully-adjustable Showa front and Ohlins rear, but riders wanting high-end kit can still opt for the Scrambler 1200 XE. By replacing the XC model with the Scrambler 1200 X, the company has spread the gap between the base model and the high-end Scrambler 1200 XE, which currently accounts for 60% of Scrambler 1200 sales.

Although the Scrambler 1200 X has lower-spec and lower-height suspension, its technology has been uprated compared to its predecessor. Cornering ABS – previously only offered on the XE version – is standard, for instance, along with five riding modes. New instruments are fitted, combining a white-on-black LCD and a small, colour TFT inside a single, circular pod, that can be given phone connectivity for music, phone and turn-by-turn navigation with an optional accessory pack.

The Scrambler 1200 X’s brakes are also a departure, swapping the XC’s Brembo M50 monobloc calipers and 320mm discs for smaller 310mm rotors and Nissin two-piston, axial-mounted calipers.

Moving across to the Scrambler 1200 XE, the more off-road-oriented model also makes the move to Marzocchi suspension, but with fully-adjustable 45mm forks to replace the previous Showas. The rear Marzocchis, replacing the previous Ohlins kit, are also fully-adjustable on the XE. Like the previous model, the suspension travel is 250mm at each end, making it a much taller, more off-road-capable machine than the new Scrambler 1200 X.

The XE’s brakes get an upgrade, swapping from Brembo M50s to the latest Brembo Stylema four-pot radial calipers, acting on 320mm discs. Like the X, it has cornering ABS as standard.

Both versions of the 2024 Scrambler 1200 get an updated engine, with a new 50mm single throttle body and revised exhaust headers. While peak power is unchanged at 90PS, it now arrives earlier at 7,000rpm instead of 7,250rpm, and the maximum torque of 110Nm also comes 250rpm lower in the rev range, at 4,250rpm. As well as improving flow, the new exhaust has revised heat management – the heat shield is further from the pipe – to reduce temperatures and stop it from cooking your leg, a common criticism of the previous design. The changes also ensure the bikes meet the latest Euro 5b emissions rules in Europe.

Both models have reversable risers to give some adjustment to the bars, but the XE’s bars themselves are 65mm wider than the X’s. As before, the XE has a longer swingarm than its sister model, adding 32mm to increase wheelbase, ride height and suspension travel. At 870mm, its seat is substantially higher than the X’s, although the optional low seat reduces the margin by bringing it down to 845mm.

The two models remain near-identical in weight, with the X measuring 228kg wet, the XE coming in at 230kg.

Triumph’s new Scramblers are due to arrive in Australia in early 2024 with the Scrambler 1200 X starting at $22,600 ride away and the Scrambler 1200 XE starting at $24,900 ride away.

For more info on the the Scrambler 1200 X and Scrambler 1200 XE head over to the Triumph Australia website here

Triumph Scrambler 1200 X model highlights

  • New MarzocchiTM suspension, 45mm USD forks and RSU with piggyback reservoirs and preload adjustability delivering 170mm wheel travel optimised for road riding
  • Advanced rider technology (not fitted to the previous Scrambler XC) to make the Scrambler X even better on the road, including new optimised cornering ABS, switchable optimised cornering traction control
  • Multifunction instruments with an integrated TFT display
  • Five riding modes, including Off-road
  • All-LED lighting, including signature DRL headlight, compact tail-light, and new slim contemporary indicators (Position light rather than DRL in US, CN, JP)
  • USB charging
  • Accessory activated connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, Bluetooth phone & music operation.

Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE model updates

  • Updated latest generation Brembo Stylema radial monoblock calipers with twin floating 320mm discs, and single piston Nissin caliper on the rear
  • Optimised Marzocchi 45mm USD forks and ‘twin-spring’ RSUs with piggyback reservoirs
  • New optimised Marzocchi suspension with long 250mm wheel travel front and rear, fully adjustable – with enhanced adjustability
  • Revised intake & exhaust headers delivering a broader spread of torque through the upper rev range
  • Enhanced styling details including stylish new slimline LED indicators and new compact LED tail-light
  • Improved touring capability with accessory high screen and rugged luggage system with tail bag accessory options.

Ben Purvis

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