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Nothing dampens the spirit of adventure quicker than cold, wet feet…

Sidi is a stalwart in the world of high-quality motorcycle boots. Very few brands compare to the Italian-made masterpieces that have graced our feet for decades.

I took delivery of Sidi’s latest Adventure 2 GoreTex just before I took off towards the Victorian High Country to test Husqvarna’s new Norden 901. The attention to detail was instantly apparent and looked every bit as well crafted as my Sidi Crossfire 2 boots which, after seven years and hundreds of hours of riding, are still superb.

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore boots BLACK

It can be a gamble going on a multi-day ride with brand-new boots, in fact I never do it, but with my knowledge and experience with the brand, it was a risk I was prepared to take and thankfully they felt like I’d been wearing them for years. Two adjustable buckles and Velcro allow you quickly customise a snug fit, which minimises the risk of blisters, and riders who wear knee braces or guards shouldn’t have a problem either.

On the bike, they offered plenty of feel for the rear brake while the flex system allows just the right amount of movement when transitioning from the seating to standing positions. They grip the pegs very well with a sole that looks a lot like a hiking boot and not once in a combined 2000km of riding so far have they felt like slipping off, even in wet or muddy conditions – and there’s been plenty of both.

Constructed from high-tech microfibres, suede, Cordura nylon and Gore-tex, they provide both warmth and most importantly, keep the water out. That big-bore adventure comparo had us battling horrendous conditions with torrential rain. I was the only one wearing Sidis and I was also the only one with bone dry socks at the other end.

Being an adventure boot, they don’t offer the same protection as a full-blown enduro or motocross boot but, having said that, it can also be a chore walking in the above mentioned. These things are so comfortable I could not only ride in them all day, but I was almost tempted to leave them on for our two kilometre walk to the pub for dinner.

At $649, they aren’t cheap. They are, however, cleverly designed and incredibly well made. I have no doubt I will get years of riding out of them. The Ferrari of adventure boots? I reckon so…

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore boots

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore boots  |  $649.95 (RRP)
Colours: Black, Brown or Grey
Sizes: 41-50
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