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We test the Ixon IT Series Yate EVO heated gloves.

I’ve run these heated gloves quite a lot over the winter and have come away impressed… mostly. When there’s charge in the batteries, they keep your hands toasty warm, and the temperature is easy to adjust via Bluetooth connection to your phone using the clim8 app, which also displays battery status and session duration.

On AMCN’s adventure test (AMCN Vol 71 No 25) the Yate EVOs kept my hands warm for about 400km of a 600km ride in the rain before the batteries drained, at which point they were like wearing any other winter touring glove with a water-resistant, breathable liner.

I grabbed a second set of larger-capacity 3000mAh batteries ($129.95) for our Dumb & Dumber ride (AMCN Vol 72 No 03) into the snow, which would likely have extended battery life if it weren’t for the freezing ambient temperatures. The solution to cure the battery blues would be to opt for the motorcycle battery connection kit ($79.95).

I love that the gloves keep the outside of your hands warm, unlike heated grips. In fact, used in combination with heated grips you’ll never experience cold hands on the bike again. Oh, and they’re comfortable thanks to a combination of soft goat leather and polyester construction.

Other than the heating element, the IT Yate Evos feature a knuckle protector, palm slider, extra-long cuff with tightening strap, touchscreen-compatible index and rain wiper on the left hand. They come standard with two 1950mAh batteries and a charger.

Ixon IT Series Yate EVO
Price: $399.95
Colours: Black
Sizes: S-2XL
(02) 8882 1900