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Shark Vancore Helmet | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

The original Raw with its plastic chin bar has been uprated to the Vancore’s solid affair

Shark has produced a number of popular street helmets and the Vancore looks like an evolution of the firm’s popular Raw helmet. The best way to describe the Vancore is that it’s a cross between a full-face, an open-face and a motocross helmet but, unlike the Raw, the Vancore has a solid chin bar, which is a significant safety improvement over the plastic guard. It’s not quite as tough looking as the Raw, but it’s still very much a statement piece.

What we liked

Having lived life on the edge with the Raw, I found the chin bar on the Vancore gave me a feeling of being better protected. It’s a little tricky to fit – it required me to read the instructions – and, like any new gear, it took a few rides to bed in enough to feel like it was my helmet. After a week, it started feeling really comfortable; maybe the closest thing to wearing an open-face without being a flip-up style.

This is the kind of helmet you’d want to wear as a daily commuter. You’re either going to love or hate the styling – I loved it – and I would describe it as contemporary. Noise intrusion is better than with the Raw, but it’s not designed to be an ultra-quiet touring helmet.

During the warmer months I found it to be really well ventilated, despite there being no conventional visor. Instead, the Vancore uses MX-style goggles that are attached to the rear of the helmet. This means it’s far from a simple manoeuvre to get some air on your face, but it’s something I got used to pretty quickly.

What we didn’t like

Truth be told, I just about always had a standby helmet at the ready for days when it was a little bit colder than usual, or if I was covering distances where I wanted a quieter ride.

This helmet is really in its element in the city, so if you’re looking for a long-distance touring helmet, consider something else. And, with that in mind, I believe almost $430 is slightly on the too-high side. But who hasn’t paid a bit too much for something they love the look of?


Despite it being a little unconventional by design, I found myself wearing the Vancore around town regularly. I liked the weight of it and how it felt on my head, especially on warmer days.

It’s a no-fuss street helmet that looks the goods on a streetbike, but if you ride all year round and cover decent distances, you’d likely need a second helmet.

  • Comfortable
  • Eye-catching design
  •   Noise
  •   Price

Matte black only

Sizes  XS-XL


(02) 9827 7561