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AGV K-5 S Helmet | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

AGV helmets have been in production for more than 70 years and have become synonymous with not only Valentino Rossi but also consistent high quality.

This latest sports offering from the Italian helmet powerhouse doesn’t disappoint, with a lightweight shell made from a carbon-fiberglass composite. It also comes with a new construction for the inner liner that feels incredibly comfortable to wear, so when this lid turned up at the office my expectations were very high.

What we liked

Every feature on the K-5 S delivers. The first thing I liked was the options in medium shell sizes. It meant I could get the exact fit for my melon, and when I chose my size I went for something that felt initially snug. After the first wearing-in period it felt pretty much spot on.

The built-in tinted visor is a must-have these days – it’s common in high-end helmets and really helps reduce glare.

Field of vision is superb and the Integrated Ventilation System keeps the air flowing with a simple open or shut option on top – tested in the Moroccan desert no less!

I used it through some very strong buffeting winds and it passed with flying colours.

The visor also has a micro opening system so you can set it at just the right height. I even passed the visor-change IQ test first go. It’s simple.

Styling-wise, I really liked the matte finish and graphics, and with the aerodynamic spoilers and scalloped sections it looks every bit a sports helmet.

I felt like I was wearing an expertly crafted piece of protection for my head that comes at a reasonable price.

What we didn’t like

Despite loving it, the only thing I am skeptical about is the matte finish. A matte finish looks fantastic but I’m always worried about marking it. This seems like a really high-quality finish, so maybe AGV has it sorted.


The K-5 S has seen action in almost all environments, from an adventure ride to the open road and city streets, basically everywhere except a race track.

It’s a solid all-round performer that handled all sorts of weather.

At $549 I think it is excellent value, with maybe the stand-out feature being the added medium shell size.


Darkstorm Matte Black/Yellow, Darkstorm Matte Black/Red, Hurricane Black/Red/White, Hurricane Black/Gunmetal/White, Black, Matte Black, Pearl White, Thorn 46 Matte Black, Fireplace Black/Italy, Fireplace Black/Red, Marble Matte Black/White/Red, Magnitude Black/Red, Magnitude Black/Silver, Marble Matte Black/White/Blue



$549   (07) 3382 5000

By Matt O’Connell