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#Scrambler | NEWS

One day you’ll be able to buy a new bike by simply clicking an online link, entering some credit card details and sitting by your door waiting for a big, motorcycle-shaped parcel to arrive a few hours

This is not that day.

Ducati’s new Scrambler Hashtag is a machine you can only buy online, but those opting for it still have to go through much the same process as any other buyer. And at the moment it’s not for Oz; only buyers in Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Portugal can get one.

While there’s an online element to the purchase – buyers need to pay €500 ($A785) for a voucher on Ducati’s website to reserve one – the rest of the buying experience sounds familiar. You take the voucher to a Ducati dealer, you arrange the rest of the payment with them, and you get a delivery date – pretty standard stuff.

The bike itself is a little different to any that you can just walk into a dealer and buy. It’s only offered in black with orange logos, and gets a Desert Sled-style seat. It’s based on the LAMS-approved Scrambler Sixty2, so Ducati clearly has new buyers in mind.

By Ben Purvis