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Emflux ONE – India’s 200km/h electric sportsbike! | Manufacture News | News

Emissions-free and packed full of tech, meet Emflux’s all-new One

Over the last few years there’s been no shortage of ambitious start-ups showing electric bike prototypes promising to change the world. Most come to nought, but Indian newcomer Emflux is hoping to buck that trend with its Emflux ONE.

It’s an impressive-looking creation, packing a claimed 53kW (71hp) and 75Nm of torque. The motor itself is capable of a fraction more – 60kW (80hp) and 84Nm – but it’s been performance-limited by the electronics.

It’s a liquid-cooled, three-phase AC induction motor powered by a 9.7kWh lithium-ion battery built from proven Samsung cells.

Those numbers and details might not mean much to those of us brought up to understand petrol engines, but the performance figures sound promising: a top speed of 200km/h and a 0-100km/h acceleration time of three seconds. Range is stated at 200km in the city or 150km on highways, which sounds like a vast improvement over the average electric bike.

A normal wall charger will take three hours to replenish the battery, while a fast-charger can bring it to 80 per cent in 36 minutes.

Emflux is promising to back this up with a 100,000km, five-year warranty on both the bike and the battery.

There’ll be two versions offered; one with an unbranded 43mm USD fork and rear shock, and a higher-spec model with Öhlins suspension at both ends of the bike, carbon bodywork and forged wheels.

Both variants have Brembo brakes, with radial calipers up front and ABS as standard.

The chassis is a steel trellis, as is the single-sided swingarm. It helps keep the bike’s claimed weight down to an almost unbelievable 169kg (kerb).

Weight is usually one of the Achilles’ heels of electric bikes, so that claimed figure is impressive. Coupled with a steep 23.5 degree head angle and a short 1395mm wheelbase, it promises sharp handling, particularly in Öhlins-suspended form.

At its heart is an NVIDIA processor controlling everything from the 6.8-inch touchscreen display to the front and rear cameras. It also has in-built GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi and 4G connectivity.

The specs sound more like a smartphone than a bike, and that’s in part due to plans to offer over-the-air updates to the bike’s operating system.

The tech also includes a reverse gear – easily implemented by reversing the direct-drive electric motor – and a parking/walking assist feature that lets the bike move back and forth at up to 3km/h while you’re manoeuvring it.

Initially, production will be limited. Emflux has said it will produce 199 units for the Indian market, and 300 for export. What comes after that remains a mystery.


The liquid-cooled, 3-phase AC induction motor is said to be good for 60kW and 84Nm in unrestricted form


A Samsung-engineered 9.7kWh lithium-ion battery provides the power, and charges to 80% in 36 minutes


Sporty handling expected from the chassis with a 23.5 degree head angle and 1395mm wheelbase


Emflux claims its zero-emissions sportsbike tips the scales at an impressive 169kg (kerb)


The Emflux One has a reverse gear and walk assist, both up to 3km/h so it will be easy to manoeuvre

Tell ’em the price

We’ve heard big claims from electric motorcycle manufacturers before, then we’re brought crashing to the ground when we hear the prices that go with the promises. Not here, though. Emflux says the ONE will cost 600,000 rupees in India when it goes on sale in 2019. That’s equivalent to $A11,844. That is the price of the standard version, while the higher-spec version is set to be offered at a rather higher 1,100,000 rupees, equivalent
to $A21,714.