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Revolving Racer – Brandon Demmery | COLUMNS | GASSIT GARAGE

True Blue Brando
The season was tough to say the least. I had to learn a lot of new tracks, help develop a new bike and work with a new team. I loved the experience, but to be honest I was not happy with the results I achieved. I had hoped to be a lot more competitive in what can only be described as one of the world’s most competitive Championships. Those guys are definitely racing for sheep stations. Stepping back on to the R3, which is in affect the same machine as the R25, I hope to hone my skills, learn more about the bike and put myself in a great position to tackle the ARRC again in 2017. As far as I’m concerned I have unfinished business over there.

My Australian team has also grown this year and we welcome Jack Dawes as my team mate. Jack had a great year on the 300 last year and we hope that as a team running two bikes we can learn more and benefit from feedback from two riders instead of one, which in turn will keep us towards the front of the field. I am also working on plans to grow even more in 2017. I would like to bring in a younger rider and help them develop the skills needed to run at the front. If it also helps build numbers in the class and give a young kid the opportunity to ride, then it will be worth it.

After a rather hectic lead up sorting the bikes out, we lined up at Wakefield Park on an unknown bike for round one of ASBK. I want to thank Yamaha Australia and YRD for their assistance with advice, feedback and access to parts. We were a little surprised to grab pole on the first outing on the tight Wakefield Park track. Frank Pons had done a great job setting up the suspension and I felt comfortable pushing the bike hard. The other bikes have had a few years development and we thought we might take a little time to catch up. The bike was great out of the box. To take Pole Position and 3 wins in class at round one was a great start to the year. I was also very happy to be within 0.1 of my lap record at the track.

Round 2 was held at Sydney Motorsports Park and we just didn’t know if we would have the top speed as it was completely untested on a high speed circuit. I have been lucky enough to have Matt Graham tuning my bikes this year. I worked with Matt in the ARRC in 2015 and really like the way he makes the bikes run. The race weekend was definitely a mixed bag of dry and wet sessions but we managed to pick up Pole Position and 1-3-1 results after the weekends races. That gives me a small lead of 20 points in the Championship going into the next round. It’s only a small buffer, but it helps.

Brandon Dem ASBK shot

By the time you read this the Perth round of ASBK will have been run and won, and hopefully we’ve continued our run of good results. Rumour is the locals will put up a good fight over west and will have the benefit of home track knowledge. I have ridden there previously but it was at the end of 2014 when I was asked over to compete in the Kings of Wanneroo on a 250cc bike by a friend and sponsor. A couple of cool westies lent me their spare bike and I won the round. I quite enjoy the track and the people who run the races in WA are very friendly.

This year has also been great on a more personal note. My Pop retired from work at the end of last year and has been able to come and watch me compete. It’s great having him and Nan at the track cheering me on.

What does the year have left in store? Hopefully some more wins, a Championship win and an overseas offer….what can I say, a kids got to dream.