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Nicola Dutto – The First Paraplegic rider in The Motorcycle Category in Dakar | SPORT

Nicola Dutto was a professional racer, competing throughout Italy and Europe. In March 2010, an accident caused several fractures, including the sixth vertebra that left him without mobility in the legs .

In 2017 Nicola completed the Merzouga Rally and the Rally of Morocco, finishing in 41st position.

He has assistance from Spanish rider Julián Villarubia  “To finish the race with my friend, with a paraplegic pilot, I think it would mean writing a beautiful page in the history of sports, this is something so personal, so intimate and a lesson in life so great, that I have plenty of motivation, “said Villarubia.

The Italian will be riding an adapted KTM 450 Rally. He hopes to be the first paraplegic motorcycle rider to finish an edition of the Dakar.