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Nicky Hayden statue unveiled in Owensboro | MotoGP | Sport

The late, great Nicky Hayden remembered in his hometown ahead of 'Nicky Hayden Day' on 6/9

In a special ceremony on Friday, the City of Owensboro revealed a statue celebrating the life and accomplishments of the late MotoGP Legend Nicky Hayden, who was born and raised in the city. Held on the front lawn of the Owensboro Convention Center, the ceremony was a part of a regular summer event called Friday After 5. Attended by locals and Nicky Hayden fans from as far away as the U.K., the ceremony included a speech by Mayor Tom Watson, who also proclaimed Saturday Nicky Hayden Day, the date, June 9, referencing Nicky’s racing number in American format – 6/9.

“We were proud to unveil the statue honoring Nicky,” Mayor Watson said. “He was not only a world-class motorcycle champion, he was a world-class person, and we are proud that he called Owensboro home. We know his legacy will live on forever.”

Commissioned by the city and the Hayden family – Nicky’s parents, siblings, and fiancée, as well as members of his extended family – the bronze sculpture was created by Loveland, Colorado’s George Lundeen, who was in attendance with the Haydens.