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Peugeot Motocycles announces new models at EICMA.

Peugeot Motocycles has announced its new model line-up including e-Streetzone electric scooters at EICMA in Milan, Italy.

e-Streetzone electric scooters

e-Streetzone electric scooters meet the needs of individuals looking for CO2-free vehicles, which are increasingly sought after in large cities. Its range and size make it perfectly suited to commuting or delivery services.


Variants of e-Streetzone electric scooters:

1-Battery version
ECO mode (61km range at 25km/h)
Boost mode (51km range at 45km/h)

2-Battery version
ECO mode (112km range)
Boost mode (96km range)


Cargo version
ECO mode (112km range)
Boost mode (96km range)

The battery can be removed quickly, and plugged into any domestic socket to recharge.
Standard charger (300w): 80% – 4.5hrs || 100% – 7hrs
Fast charger (600w) will also be available.

All versions are equipped with a new LCD dashboard that displays the latest features such as the different riding modes and the remaining range. A USB port is also available on all three versions.

*Range may vary depending on riders weight, road conditions, weather conditions etc.


New internal combustion models for 2023.


Cross between an urban scooter and a motorcycle the Peugeot, XP400 is equipped with features that make it one of the most enjoyable scooters of the brand. Thanks to its large wheels, it is capable of riding on many types of terrain. Its pillion seat is comfortable for rider and passenger, due to ergonomic handles and footrests.


Coming to Australia and New Zealand, is the: XP400, XP400 Allure, and XP400 GT.


The urban motorbike with a unique Peugeot style features 17″ tyres, a 41mm gold fork (on the 300cc version) and a rear  centrally positioned shock absorber mounted on the swingarm.


The PM-01 will be available in both a 125cc and 300cc version.

Django EVO

Peugeot Motocycles has completely reinvented its iconic model the Django, with a ‘modern classic’ style. Presenting the next EVOlution, the Django EVO.

Django EVO is futuristic, modern and powerful. The LC and AC versions each have their own distinctive colour scheme: Liquid Cooled (LC) is available in two colours, with the interior of the front apron in a different colour from the bodywork. Django Air Cooled (AC) is available in a monochrome version.

In order to meet the needs and expectations of all urban travellers, Django EVO will be available in both a 125cc and 150cc option. It is available in 125cc with an air-cooled engine under the name Active, 125cc and 150cc with liquid cooling in the Allure version.


Appreciated for its large wheels, its stability and its practicality, Peugeot Tweet is one of the best-selling two-wheelers in Europe.

Available in 50cc, 125cc and 200cc, all variants share LED lights, dashboard with LCD screen, USB power socket, double seat and a storage compartment to store a jet helmet with screen.

A GT version, and a Cargo version will be available in all 3 variants.

Django Classic

With its neo-retro look, Django offers a journey back in time to the origins of Peugeot and its iconic collection. Fully equipped, this scooter is a symbol of Peugeot Motocycles’ French roots. Easy to use and comfortable, its fuel tank is situated under the floor, it has plenty of storage space, including a large under-seat box and two storage compartments. An important detail: a 12V or USB (depending on the version) socket for plugging in your phone is hidden in one of the compartments.

The Django will come in a 125cc and 150cc variant. In 2023, Django Shadow 150cc will join the range with the new daring “Adventure Green” colour.

Django TT version is a revised adventure version; to give it an off-road feel, the front fender has been modified, chrome front and rear luggage racks have been added and a seat cover has been added to make it one-seater.

Kisbee 50

The best-selling model in 27 European countries, Kisbee is the benchmark 50cc urban scooter. Practical, economical and easy to ride, it meets the needs of both beginners and experienced riders.

It has a large, comfortable seat and is very practical, with a trunk that can hold a full-face helmet, a hook for carrying a bag on the handlebars and a flat floor, ideal for carrying small packages. The rider sits 750 mm off the ground and has easy access to the bike and great manoeuvrability with 12-inch wheels with a 170mm front disc brake.

Contact your local Peugeot Motocycle dealer for more information.