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Marshal caught stealing piece from Alex Rins bike | MOTOGP | SPORT

The Jerez marshal caught on tape after stealing a piece from Alex Rins’ Suzuki MotoGP bike after the Spanish GP has been forced to return it.

Alex Rins  finished second at Jerez behind Marc Marquez, and had left his bike to celebrate when a marshal took the opportunity to steal a piece from the #42 GSX-RR.

After the race, the video below began to circulate which showed the marshal stealing the piece and putting into his pocket when Rins was off climbing the barrier.

At the press conference, Rins was asked about the theft which the Spaniard laughed it off, while revealing it to be a brake fluid tank cover with ‘Rins’ and ’42’ marked on it. He joked to buy it on Wallapop (Spain’s equivalent to e-Bay) if he happens to see it.

Organisers spotted the marshal and forced him to not only apologise to Rins and the whole Suzuki team, but also return the piece. While it is not clear but such instances would mean that he may never get to marshal again.