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Make mine a Meguro

A new trademark application for Kawasaki is carrying the name ‘Meguro’

We think Kawasaki is planning a new retro-focused sub-brand rather than simply a new model. Students of motorcycling history will be familiar with the Meguro name. Founded in the 1930s, that was taken over by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in the 1960s to form the basis of Kawasaki’s own entry into the motorcycle market.

Reviving the Meguro name fits neatly with the company’s current interest in retro. For 2019 it relaunched the W800 – a bike that echoes the original Kawasaki W1 of 1965 – and in some markets it also offers ‘old school’ W175 and W250 singles.

The application is also being fast-tracked in the European trademark system, and is likely to be granted within a few months if there’s no opposition.

The original Meguro, could be revived with a Kawa twin,