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Four-wheeled motorcycle with a 350kW Maserati V8 | News

Does the world need a leaning four-wheeled motorcycle with a 350kW Maserati V8? Of course not. But when did need come into it?

The LM847 is the latest creation of the warped minds at French firm Lazareth and takes its inspiration from the Dodge Tomahawk concept bike from 2003. At its heart lies a 4691cc, 32-valve V8 ripped from a Maserati. There’s not much in the way of a frame – the engine provides structure – and there’s an individual single-sided swingarm for each of the four wheels.


There’s no gearbox — no need. With 620Nm of torque at 4750rpm and power that doesn’t start to tail off until you’re past 7000rpm, all driving a vehicle that comes in at just 400kg. There’s just the torque converter from an automatic transmission bolted straight to a differential that splits the drive between the two rear wheels. The fluid coupling of the torque converter is enough to take the bike from stationary to whatever speed you can reach before terror takes over and you back off.


There are massive 420mm rim-mounted discs at the front, each grasped by eight-pot Nissin calipers. The Brembo four-pots that you’d expect on a superbike are relegated to rear brake duties.

What little bodywork there is comes largely from the Ducati Panigale, which donates its whole rear end. The price? If you have to ask…