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Macna Vosges Night Eye jacket | RIDING GEAR + EQUIPMENT

Warm and invisible fluro

Macna has been in the motorcycle apparel manufacturing game since 1991, but the brand is a relative newcomer to the Australian market but we had our, er, eye on the Vosges Night Eye jacket from early on.

It’s pretty bulky when you first throw it on and feel how it feels, in fact someone remarked that it looked like it could repel an arctic blast at the time. Prophetic, actually, cos that’s more or less what we asked it to do in New Zealand towards the end of last year, thanks to an unexpected dumping of snow.

The Vosges is an adventure-style jacket that will easily double for commuter duties as the days get shorter. The outer layer is made from a tough, heavy-duty Durylon, and internally there is a Raintex breathable waterproof membrane and thermo lining which are both removable. The Vosges also has large zippered vents in the chest and arms for additional airflow when the traffic slows or the weather warms.

The Night Eye feature is tiny mirrored particles embedded into the outer layer of the jacket which illuminated like a glow-stick when another vehicle’s lights hit it. But if you’re not into that, you can save yourself $50 and purchase the non-Night Eye Vosges which still boasts reflective panels on the chest and back. It is back-protector ready and further protection comes in the form of CE protection at the shoulders and elbows.

Despite the blanketing of snow in New Zealand, we were bordering on too warm most of the time with all of its bells and whistles zipped in, so a New South Wales our Victorian winter will no phase it. For autumn and spring, and the mild bits of summer, remove the liners, unzip the vents and Bob’s your Aunty’s live-in lover.

Macna Vosges Night Eye


(non-Night Eye $499.95)


Night Eye/ Black/ Fluoro


Men’s S-4XL

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(07) 3382 5000