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Good bits, brats, and memories

Hi guys, received Vol 67 No 10 of the bible in the mail, and found myself quickly flicking through the pages even before I had completely unwrapped the plastic. I was amazed to see the article written by Peter Turner on the Laverton International event in 1976.

Only a couple of weeks ago I was reliving this event with my mum and dad who took my sister and I to the race. I was nine at the time. My mum and dad still have vivid memories of the day with my mum telling me how my dad invaded the track after the main race and nearly got run over trying to get to Ago. I was young and the only memories I have of the day are that it was very hot, the crowd was enormous, and my mother was yelling at me and hitting me over the head, telling me to watch the race and not the girls flashing their good bits. It was a day in my life I will never forget and this is where my love for motorcycles began. I took my 14-year-old daughter to the MotoGP this year for her first time, and she had a ball. I hope in years to come she too remembers that day fondly like I did in 1976.

Joe Zaccardelli Hillside, Vic

G’day Joe, over the years I have heard about the Laverton TT many times, so it was great to publish the full story in the magazine. The old colour images give some idea of just how hot it was that day. Chris

As appeared in AMCN mag Vol 67 No 11

Read the feature –

Laverton International