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Kwikli – Electric moped ride-sharing scheme kicks off in Auckland | NEWS

Electric scooters have taken Auckland by storm, and now electric mopeds are hitting the streets.

Kwikli is a New Zealand-owned e-moped ride-sharing service . The mopeds are not allowed to travel on the motorway and must be left within a specific area designated within the app.

The Kwikli mopeds are allowed to travel on the city streets and have a max speed of around 50km/h. Riders must be over 18 years old and carry a full valid drivers’ licence in order to use the service.

While the service is currently limited to Auckland, its website outlines plans to move into other major cities, including Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

Kwikili adds yet another player to the growing ride-sharing market, which includes a number of local and international players, including Uber, Zoomy and Onzo bikes.

It costs $2 to unlock a vehicle and 35 cents for every minute of riding.