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Honda CB500F now available | NEWS

Honda’s new CB500F hits dealerships around Australia this week and will be available for an MLP of $7,599.

The CB500Fs eight-valve, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin-cylinder engine offers a well-proportioned balance of physical size and enjoyable power output, with an energetic, high-revving character and capable top-end performance.

Already strong off the bottom, the target for 2019 development was faster acceleration through a boost in low-to-mid-range power and torque, making it as much fun for a veteran rider as it is for those still building their riding experience.

Feeding the PGM-FI fuel injection is now a more-or-less straight shot of airflow through the airbox and throttle bodies. The battery has been repositioned further away from the rear of the airbox intake duct to allow greater airflow. The exhaust muffler now features dual exit pipes, adding a sportier-sounding edge to each pulse.

The six-speed gearbox on the CB500F is very close to that of its RR cousin (CBR1000RR) and uses the same gear change arm structure and link mechanism. New for 2019, an Assist/Slipper clutch enables lighter upshifts and smooths out any hard downshifts. New LCD instruments feature a Shift Up and Gear Position function and the indicators are now LED, to match the rest of the lighting.

The CB500Fs naked faired form has evolved for 2019, front to rear and exudes a newfound aggression. Led by the penetrating headlight design, the machine’s stance is low-set and ready for action; the side shrouds interlock with the fuel tank and fully emphasize the engine, while the side covers and seat unit continue the theme of muscular angularity.

The geometry of the CB500F gives nimble, yet confidence-inspiring steering. Mass centralisation, with the engine in close proximity to the swing arm pivot point, delivers turning agility, while optimum front/rear weight distribution ensures stability. The low 785 mm seat height makes the CB500F very easy to manage and its neutral riding position comfortably accommodates riders of varying heights.

The 41mm preload-adjustable telescopic fork delivers a compliant yet controlled ride and gives great feel for front-tyre grip. A new single-tube rear shock (as found on larger-capacity sport bikes) replaces the double-tube design of the previous model; its large-diameter piston ensures excellent suspension response and temperature management.

It has nine-stage spring preload adjustment and works through a rigid box-section steel swing arm, which now features pressed-steel chain-adjustment end-pieces. Lightweight, 17-inch cast-aluminium wheels employ hollow cross-section Y-shaped spokes and ABS is standard.

2019 CB500F