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This Bell Helmet not only looks trick but is also a great fit for me. The removable washable cheek pads contour well with my face, and the crown liner makes seamless contact with my forehead. I haven’t experienced any discomfort during long days in the saddle and the ventilation works well during hot conditions.

The RS-1 is comprised of a Kevlar/Fibreglass Composite Shell to keep weight down and strength up. I’m a big fan of the bold design which is exclusive to the Australian market. The strong patterning is easy to distinguish from other riders on track, and the bright yellow really stands out on the road and has the dual effect of improving your visibility to other road users.

There’s a unique magnetised helmet strap joiner that removes the need to button fasten your strap after threading it through the double D-rings. It takes some time to get used to when you’re accustomed to the ‘old’ system, but it’s grown on me and contrary to initial expectations, hasn’t detached unexpectedly during any of my high speed jaunts. The RS-1 comes with a five-year warranty, and a variety of visors (including the highly recommended ‘Transitions’ type) can be purchased separately.

We liked

The colour scheme was a big hit with photographers and friends alike. The ventilation is great – there’s plenty of easy to operate shutters that can be opened or closed to channel air over the head in hot conditions, with no tricky exhaust vents on the rear side to interfere with your air conditioning. Most importantly though, is the fit. Anyone who knows anything about motorcycle helmets will tell you that the way a helmet contours to your face, cheeks and crown has a big influence on how effective it is when the unthinkable happens. I’ve talked with several Bell RS-1 owners since acquiring this lid and, despite our varying head shapes, the consensus is that this model seems to have an excellent formula for construction and internal lining.

We didn’t Like

Not a lot really. The dark tint visors can be a bit tough to install as you can’t see through them to line up the locator system but I must point out that this does get easier as you become more familiar with the system. I’m neither here nor there with the magnetized strap system, probably because I’ve become habituated to the satisfying click of the button type system, but I can appreciate its purpose and the time it saves.


Great liner, excellent value for money and a great fit. I’m hard pressed to fault this helmet and for good reason. Bell has been in the game for a long-time and their experience shows. I’d strongly recommend the RS-1 to any new riders who are seeking the optimal combination of safety and comfort that you rarely find in a helmet at this price point.


Looks trick

Excellent construction and materials


Not much!

RRP $499.95 Graphic – Solid $489.95

Visors – star from RRP$89.95 (Clear/Tint) $109.95 (Iridium) $229.95 (Transition)

Sizes XS-XXL


Monza Imports

(03) 8327 8888

By Paul McCann

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