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Andy Strapz Merino Thermalz and Pantz | RIDING GEAR + EQUIPMENT

Woolly winter warmers

Not being cold is one of my favourite things in life. Which often makes me wonder how I ended up in the UK for 14 years riding motorcycles for a living. But even now that I’m back home in the more sensible motorcycling climate of Oz, staying warm is still a priority.

I discovered these Andy Strapz Merino Thermalz at the start of last winter, and instantly became besotted with them. They are quite literally the Cat’s Pyjamas! Or should that be the sheep’s?

If you don’t know about the wonder fibre kindly donated to the world of outdoorsy pursuits by one of Australia’s immigrants, the Merino sheep, you are sadly missing out on a natural product with truly miraculous properties. I’ve been a Merino wool fan for years, using it all year round in various styles of garments for all of life’s situations, everything from sleeping to thrashing around on a motorcycle. Just as ultra-lightweight Merino is a great thing to wear in hot weather, thicker weaves are the absolute duck’s guts for keeping you warm in winter. The superfine Merino in these Thermalz is soft and easy on sensitive skin, is machine washable, relatively quick drying, and has the signature Merino benefits of remaining stink-free even after multiple days on the road or trail. Multi-day trips with little capacity for luggage and no time to wash clothes are where Merino garments really kick ass, but in terms of thermal efficiency they are also the way to go.

Andy Strapz Thermalz are very much a motorcycle-specific design, and that’s what makes them so great. The Topz are double-fronted for added insulation against wind blast, and has an extra long length with a shirt tail back. Great for tucking in, eliminating any chance of cold spots around your midriff and also keeping your cheeks as warm as if you had a heated seat.

The Pantz end of the combo are double thickness around the pants area, to create a kind of inner boxer short. They have a long ankle cuff which lets them tuck into boots without bunching, and a rather generous fly, just in case you are also rather generous in that department.

I’ve started taking the Andy Strapz thermals everywhere I go riding, and now choose to leave the quilted zip-in liners of my textile riding suit at home. The simple reason is that the Thermalz take up a similar amount of room and weight in my luggage, but are far far more effective for keeping warm, and they’re also much more than a one-trick pony. Versatility is important when space is limited. Thermalz are great to sleep in when camping out on Adventure rides, and can be worn under regular clothes in cold weather, as well as under riding gear, including leathers.


We liked

Unlike some thermals made with general use in mind, the fit and features of these garments is sympathetic to the needs of motorcyclists.

We didn’t like

Only available in black


These garments have been thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested by passionate motorcyclists, to be enjoyed and appreciated for years and years to come by other passionate motorcyclists. If that’s not enough, the price is a bloody bargain considering their quality and performance, and they’re made right here in Melbourne, Australia!

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Sizes Unisex XS S M L XL XXL

RRP Topz $85 Pantz $93