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Harley-Davidson developing 338cc twin | NEWS

Having previously announced its plans to develop a small-displacement bike to boost its presence in the Asian and Indian markets, Harley-Davidson has now revealed details and a computer-generated image of its new parallel twin. The new machine will be built in China by Qianjiang – owners of the Benelli brand. The steel trellis frame, offset rear shock, and distinctive twin-tube swingarm suggests it will be closely based on the existing Qianjiang-made Benelli 302S. The images also indicate the bike will use a raft of other components similar to the Benelli: the fork, brakes and wheels. The 338cc engine is larger than the Benelli 302S’s, which comes in at exactly 300cc. The Harley’s increased capacity may have been achieved by using a combination of existing Qianjiang/Benelli parts, such as the cylinders from the 502C platform. Harley has indicated the new machine will form part of its 2020 range. More info in AMCN for soon!