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An afternoon with MA | NEWS | SPORT

Peter Goddard is a bloke who’s achieved so much in the past 40 years it’s difficult to count his many successes. Now, as a Board Member of Motorcycling Australia for almost four years and President since September 2017, Pete and the crew at Motorcycling Australia (MA) are earnestly working towards restoring MA’s credibility.

The Melbourne-based MA was an organisation that was all but broke – and broken – with its finances in a mess and suffering a complete lack of transparency. Without the sale of its own assets and support from all the State Controlling Bodies (SCB), MA would have been bankrupt.

“Those problems were largely being resolved when a new MA Board, headed by Tania Lawrence, was selected to put the Whole of Sport Review (WOSR) recommendations into action,” Goddard explained. “At the instigation of Peter Doyle and Mike Strano, I joined Peter Doyle on the Board of MA in September 2015. Both Peter and I possess the emotional empathy that comes with having been raised within the sport; from grassroots clubland right through all facets of competition to an international level – where we’ve both demonstrated the experience we can bring to MA.”

After a period of organisational self reflection, the WOSR indicated significant change – if not confusion – was necessary within MA and the first priority was to agree on a strategy. Naturally this produced a Strategy Document – multiple pages of key objectives, drivers, initiatives and indicators across scores of dot points. But, simply stated, everyone had to agree on a game plan – MA on behalf of their members and all the SCBs. Read more on how Motorcycling Australia is implementing this game plan in the issue on sale Thursday, June 20.


Slight, Phillis, Goddard, Merkel and Magee – celebrating 20 years of WSBK Australian WSBK in 2007