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White Motorcycles Concept chases the record with two-wheeled aerodynamic masterpiece

Former F1 engineer Rob White wants to break Max Biaggi’s World Land Speed Record for Partially Streamlined Electric motorcycles with this innovative machine that was unveiled today at the Silverstone Circuit. And when you see it for the first time it’s hard to avoid laughing out loud – because it’s so damn obvious!

Because electric motors can be more compact than a combustion engine, and powered by batteries which can be disposed around the vehicle, White has created a unique aerodynamic structure aimed at enhancing high-speed stability, as well as dramatically reducing drag via what is essentially a giant hole straight through the centre of the bike.

And the result is what MotoGP engineers have been trying to achieve for years.

“If you look at MotoGP at the moment, they’re all trying to raise the confidence of the rider, or front tyre contact confidence, by adding downforce. We’ve done the same thing by increasing downforce, but reducing drag,” White told AMCN’s Alan Cathcart at his exclusive and private reveal ahead of the launch. “By the way that we’ve reduced our centre of pressure from the front of the bike, we’ve increased the front load by five times, but we’ve reduced the drag by 69 percent. What we have is an increase in downforce with a decrease in drag – it’s an aerodynamic oxymoron!”

You can read AMCN’s full and exclusive detailed feature in the 70th Anniversary celebratory edition which hits newsstands on Thursday 8 July.

Kel Buckley