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Ducati XDiavel Australian Launch | BIKE TESTS

While I work on my full test report, debriefing my brain and delving into the specifications and technical details of the bike, here are 10 interesting facts about the XDiavel.

10 interesting facts about the XDiavel

Ducati’s new XDiavel cruiser has been launched in Australia with a lavish two-day affair. The event kicked of with a black tie dinner hosted by celebrity chef and Ducati Diavel Ambassador Matt Moran, at his famous Aria restaurant overlooking Sydney Harbour.


Day two was all about getting out on the open road and enjoying the XDiavel – the bike Ducati has aimed squarely at the American cruiser market. Standard and S versions of the big black Italian devil were both available for testing. While I work on my full test report, debriefing my brain and delving into the specifications and technical details of the bike, here are 10 interesting facts about the XDiavel.

1. The XDiavel is available in two variants – Standard and S The standard model retails for $27,490 (+ ORC) while the S models will set you back $32,490. The additional $5000 for the S gets you a host of additional goodies, including DLC treatment on the fork legs, Bluetooth module with infotainment system, Brembo M50 Monobloc brakes to replace the M4-32 units on the standard model, and gorgeous machined aluminium wheels and mirrors. Ducati Australia estimates that at least 60 per cent of buyers will go for the more expensive S model.

2. This is a proper Ducati cruiser Apparently the Diavel doesn’t count – it’s all about where the footpegs are mounted. The XDiavel is all about straight legs, low seat height (755mm) and low-down grunt that sees 128.9Nm delivered at just 5000rpm.


3. It uses the Multistrada’s engine Instead of being based on the Diavel motor, the XDiavel’s engine is derived from the Multistrada’s DVT version, but with a 3.6mm longer stroke to bring the capacity up to 1262cc


4. More cubes doesn’t mean more power Power is actually lower than the 120kW Diavel and similarly powerful Multistrada, although at 114.7kW it’s still leagues ahead of traditional cruisers from other brands.

5. The foot-forwards controls won’t lock you in place In fact, they give a wide range of riding positions – as many as 60 variations are available thanks to pegs that can be mounted in four positions, plus five different seat options and four possible handlebar set-ups.

6. It’s dripping with electronics That’s why it’s called a techno cruiser. Three fly-by-wire riding modes offering different power levels and throttle responses, an inertial measurement unit (UMI) controlling the cornering ABS and traction control, both of which can also be tailored to your preferences.


7. Other cruiser touches It’s got a 130mm trail and a nice long rake of 30º. Its wheelbase is equally generous at 1615mm – 35mm longer than the already long Diavel (1580mm). And so there’s absolutely no confusion about whether this is a cruiser, there’s a belt final drive.

8. Cruiser doesn’t mean scraping The XDiavel can reach lean angles of 40º before anything touches down.

9. Plenty of rubber – at a cost Like the Diavel, the XDiavel runs a super fat 240/45 ZR17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyre on its 17 x 8in rear wheel. Don’t go doing too many burnouts, though – a replacement Pirelli will cost you $359.00.


10. Quick launch but no quick shift The XDiavel has a plethora of electronics, including a three level Ducati Power Launch (DPL) launch control system. One thing it does not have is a quickshifter. Fitting one to the S model would have been a great way to set it apart from the standard XDiavel.