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Cal Crutchlow’s Season May be Over | MOTOGP | SPORT

Factory Honda rider Cal Crutchlow is almost certain to be out for the rest of the season, after a complicate ankle fracture will require more surgery later this week.

The LCR Castrol teamster, contracted directly to HRC, will have to wait until the inflammation to the right ankle fracture has gone down before full corrective surgery, which is to predicted to be a few days after tomorrow’s race.

The 32-year-old winner of this year’s Argentine GP crashed yesterday at Turn One, which is approached at more than 320 km/h and taken at around 200. He lost control right at the entry, still travelling at very high speed, and was stretchered away.

A triple ankle fracture was diagnosed, medically termed “a bimalleolar fracture and anterior tibia part right ankle fracture”, and he was transferred to hospital in Melbourne.

The joint has been externally immobilised, but surgery will have to wait.

By Michael Scott

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