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Berik ladies Absolute jacket | Riding Gear + Equipment | Tested

I’ve got a motorcycle jacket for every occasion. I’ve got fabric jackets, leather jackets, summer jackets, winter jackets and all-season jackets. They’re all hanging in an easily accessible section in my shed which means I can lay my hand easily on any one of them at any given time.

We always need to be mindful of what gear goes with what bike when we’re being photographed and this very often dictates what I where and when, but when work stops and play starts, and if it’s not too cold, I always find myself reaching for the same trusty jacket: Berik’s Absolute. That’s not to say it doesn’t get an official gig – it gets plenty of those, too, but when they’re jackets I choose to wear, rather the ones I have to wear, then it speaks volumes.

I like it for lots of reasons. Firstly I like the fit, it’s light and comfortable. Its torso is a decent length and its mix go fabric and leather looks good as well as being both practical and safe. It uses a soft neoprene around the cuffs and neck, it has a removable thermal vest and perforated leather on the arm inners, it’s got stretch panels where my arms meet my back and it all just adds up to make a practical and comfy riding jacket.

The best bit is I’ve had for years and its high quality means I’m going to have it for many more. It’s my go-to jacket.

By Kel Buckley







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